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Made for a university project I recreated the popular mini golf games currently popular on steam.

The game uploaded is about 90% similar to the game I handed in for my assignment, the only difference was removing references to my personal information and added controller support which the original didn't contain.

Because the game is mostly a proof of concept created under limited time, I wasn't able to get everything done a full game would such as game settings and a decent UI.

I will potentially further development on this project in the future.


  • Four holes
  • Controller Support (Tested and works on Xbox One Controllers)
  • Birds eye view camera
  • A windmill
  • You get cheered at for a good score
  • You get booed at for a bad score

Known Bugs

  • Terrible UI (Not necessarily a bug just a warning)
  • Length of the line for aiming can bug
  • Problems when you switch inputs in the middle of a shot
  • No game settings (Again more of a warning than a bug)

Future Plans

The Putting Challenge was a concept mini golf game I created in a short span of time the project was intended to be only developed in a 12 weeks.

I have more plans and ideas to develop this project into a full game such as multiple 18 hole courses and more game modes other than golf.

However, for now I have to move on.

Final words

If you decide to play this game it would be very appreciated if you were to give constructive criticism in the comments, this is dire as it will make me a better developer in the future.

If you come across any bugs please tell me so I know what needs to be fixed.

Thank you for looking at my page, this is my second fully playable game I've released out onto the world and I hope you consider giving the game a try.


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Install instructions

Unzip the folder

Launch The Putting Challenge.exe


The Putting Challenge.zip 120 MB